Violet Willowshire
Age 17
Occupation Tribute
Home District 12
Gender Female
Fate Deceased
Appearances 2nd Pain Games

Violet Willowshire was the female tribute from District 12 in the 2nd Pain Games. She was killed in a mine explosion at the beginning of the games.


Violet has long black hair and ice blue eyes.


Violet acted calm and walked up onto the stage as if this was normal thing, oh wait, it pretty much is.


Lastly is Violet Willowshire and Schill Evansclaire from District 12. Both of them are wearing traditional black suits and a yellow hat. In Schill's hand is a pickaxe and they throw dianamites at the crowd that burst with confetti. The audience groan at this because stylists have copied each other.


Violet received a 7 as her training score.


From District 12 its Violet Willowshire!!!!

Violet: I like singing! Hehe, I'm random!

Caeser: Errr yeah.... Looks like we've got a crazy one this year!


Violet: I am not crazy!

Caeser: Don't worry, we believe you.

Violet: Okay maybe I am a little bit....


Caeser: Well best of luck Violet Willowshire!!!!

Pain GamesEdit

Violet is not seen much as she was killed when Luke de Winter threw his token at the plates of a tribute, which blew up, killing Violet along with Jave Salazar and Missy Frias.


Violet placed 22nd out of the 24 tributes in the games, she was blown up by the mines when Luke threw his token at her, killing her, Jave and Missy.


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