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  • Polinarose

    My guidelines

    September 18, 2012 by Polinarose

    Well, most of you have been on chat with me, and I rarely ban or kick. I am quite calm and controlled and nice, so unless you really tick me off, I won't do anything.

    I hate racism, perviness or anything else like that, so I might get mad. Please don't do that.

    I dont like spammers or random people that come on, so don't do that when I'm on. Also, if you come o the PGRP chat, I'll be mad.

    Some of you might argue, but pls. Don't edit without the users premition.(Other then grammar mistakes)

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  • Polinarose

    This is a guide on making an interesting, yet not talented character.

    Firstly, don't make them as wacky as a Capitol citizen, yet don't make them too plain. Don't have them be 100% pretty or 100% ugly... You also should avoid making them look exactly like another tribute even in the past games or these games.

    You should make them intresting but not overintresting, a balance of normal and unusual. The character should be defined.

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  • Polinarose

    Worth Dying For

    August 3, 2012 by Polinarose

    Worth dying for: A fanfic from Maples POV

    The sun was shining, but I wasn't happy. I was never happy, ever since the accident in which Cherry was killed.  I never loved anyone as much as her. I was always with a large family, but all of them hated me. I lived in a small cottage in the woods, close to my job. I couldn't wait till reaping day... To me, it's just a small horror, even if I'm reaped. Some things in life were worth dying for. I was there when Cherry was killed. I could've saved her... But I couldn't....

    I put on my green dress and shoes, then headed out to the square. I sang The Hanging Tree while walking. I never had, or needed friends. Or family. I was the kid mom never wanted, as me and Beech are twins. I was born 2 minutes aft…

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  • Polinarose

    Death ratings

    July 29, 2012 by Polinarose

    Voting will start tommorow at 4:00 central. (US). Nominate till that time.

    1)Pamline Falcone

    2)Jonathan Ford

    3)Kezaiah Bianca

    1)Danica Rosedain

    2)Ford Dryden

    3)Lily Williams

    1)Marley Sereno

    2)Ford Dryden

    3) Coming soon

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  • Polinarose


    -Boo! I'm the ghost under your bed!

    Prose:Welcome to the annual tribute rating. Tonight, we have...

    Maple:Maple Tree.

    Prose:What a lovely name! First up, we have the amazing district one with their luxurious items. Let's talk about...Matthew Alexander.

    Maple: Avrage careers. No brains, too much muscle.

    Prose: How about... Danica Ponce?

    Maple: That f***** girl has the name of one of my friends. I hate her face.

    Prose: Ouch. Sorry Danica Ponce. Now, Callam Rhodes.

    Maple: Same as Matthew. No brains, too much brawn.

    Prose: Umm... Now we have Willow...

    Maple: No last name. She aggravates me too.

    Prose: *whispers* Let's hope district 2 will be better. *fake coughts* How …

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