Hey, I just want to say that alot of the tributes in recent games have all been siblings of past tributes. I realize that people try to avenge their past tribute's death or continue their legacy by adding them to the Pain Games, but TOO MANY people have been doing this and honestly it's annoying.

I can understand if just a few people make siblings of past tributes every once in a while, but when EVERYONE does it, It's really overused and very unrealistic. Sorry if I offend anyone that has done this, but this is my honest opinion.

I get very critical when it comes to any kind of storyline, which was why I tried to fix the 3rd Pain Games' problem when EVERY tribute had a sibling with them, making it say that the Capitol made it mandatory for siblings of the reaped tribute to be reaped as well. I find it unrealistic that all of these siblings of fallen tributes would try to do the same thing that killed them in the first place. I certainly wouldn't volunteer just because my sister died in the previous games. XD

I like the whole "Tribute Siblings" thing, but when it becomes overused to the point that it's unrealistic and predictable is when I get kind of irritated.

NOTE: This was not to purposely offend anyone who has done this. I'm simply giving my opinion. --Oogaman (talk) 02:20, October 17, 2012 (UTC)

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