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    So, you want to improve your role playing skills on this site? Well, you've come to the right place. Here, I shall give you several tips on how to improve your role playing abilities. I'll have several categories down below, so if you need help with a specific one, click on that one first. Also, if you have any questions, I'll be glad to answer. Let's Begin!:

    Here are stuff you NEED to know before you even think about role playing.

    In order to role play, we need a lot of work on the site. So, please help out the website, edit pages to make them more detailed, fix grammar, etc.

    We don't mind internet slang or a few spelling mistakes for complicated words, but if you're not good at spelling entirely, we'd recommend spell check. Plus, if you tel…

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    First of all, I did not come up with this idea, several other users did, so if anyone wants to do a similar idea to this, or even the exact same thing, be my guest. It's not my idea, so therefore not my property.

    But anyways, here's how this works. There are multiple events taking place, and your job is to nominate tributes for each event (They don't have to be your tributes). You can nominate a maximum of 2 tributes for every event, and a tribute can be in more than one event. There can be a total of 8 tributes per event. Finally, this is NOT canon at all, so if your character is nominated and doesn't do very well, that doesn't affect the overall opinion of the character itself.

    Comment below with your nominations for each event! (Any quest…

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    Here is where I list the most successful, talented, and popular tributes from the Pain Games from best to worst. This list is updated weekly, and if your tribute is low, even though he does well a few days later, he/she will be higher on the list the next week. So, let's begin:

    1. Excel Rose - District 1 - 2nd Pain Games, 3rd Pain Games. (-)

    2. Danica Rosedain - District 10 - 2nd Pain Games (-)

    3. Malliet Westmore - District 5 - 1st Pain Games. (-)

    4. Ford Dryden - District 11 - 1st Pain Games, 3rd Pain Games. (-)

    5. Cirena Staford - District 8 - 1st Pain Games, 3rd Pain Games. (-)

    6. Cariettum Downstreet - District 1 - 2nd Pain Games. (-)

    7. Nick Turner - District 11 - 2nd Pain Games. (-)

    8. Lucy Evans - District 2 - 1st Pain Games. (-)

    9. Mollian…

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    I apoligize for the inconveniance, but the list of Top 10 Most Controversial Pain Games Moments, said to come out following the release of the 3rd Pain Games, has been cancelled.

    HOWEVER, if a user feels he or she would enjoy making the list, that is completely fine with me.

    Also, please don't ask WHY the list is cancelled... It's complicated.

    P.S. Did you slap a squirrel today? Make sure you do, just in case the Coaster Toaster sees the lack of slapped squirrels.

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    Movies: And welcome back to our post-games interviews. I have no idea how we can talk to the tributes after they die, but who cares, let's give a warm welcome for one of the most controversial tributes of any Pain Games, Nick Turner!

    Nick: Hey.

    Movies: So Nick, I'm gonna tell you the name of a tribute, and you tell me what you think of them. We will start at the first tribute who died. Are you ready?

    Nick: Of course.

    Movies: Well, let's begin with... Missy Frias from District 6!

    Nick: Meh... Not really a tribute I would be friends with. Kind of a snob, really.

    Movies: Umm... Alright. How about Jave Salazar?

    Nick: He seems alright. His family sucks though, they got over his death pretty quickly.

    Movies: Indeed they did. Alright, next is the final v…

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