Hello All! Its Malli. But you probably knew that because its under the title of this blog.

Anyway. ALLONS-Y!

I've been away...but I supose that thats been noticed? Maybe?

Have you ever been attached to a certain fandom **cough cough** Pain Games **cough cough** and then been sucked straight into another? No? Okay. Well I've just gotten really involved in the Doctor Who fandom and have been away for a while on the Doctor Who wiki and at various convention etc. and have been not giving much attention to the Pain Games...sorry. I kinda thought that it had been overrun by newbies and such. The wiki hasnt been edited in a couple days and The 3rd Pain Games haven't been finished yet! (not that its your own fault Raineh) but I'd just like to inform people that I might not be popping in as much anymore...BUT! I am still watching....O_o

Hugs, Ponys, Bowties, Daleks, and Rainbows!


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