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  • I am a person of the female persuasion.
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    Gone? Maybe.

    October 20, 2012 by MallietDistrict2

    Hello All! Its Malli. But you probably knew that because its under the title of this blog.

    Anyway. ALLONS-Y!

    I've been away...but I supose that thats been noticed? Maybe?

    Have you ever been attached to a certain fandom **cough cough** Pain Games **cough cough** and then been sucked straight into another? No? Okay. Well I've just gotten really involved in the Doctor Who fandom and have been away for a while on the Doctor Who wiki and at various convention etc. and have been not giving much attention to the Pain Games...sorry. I kinda thought that it had been overrun by newbies and such. The wiki hasnt been edited in a couple days and The 3rd Pain Games haven't been finished yet! (not that its your own fault Raineh) but I'd just like to inform …

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  • MallietDistrict2

    Mrs. President??

    August 11, 2012 by MallietDistrict2

    This is not a complex blog. Don't make it one. :p

    Female! Duh......I mean if Suzanne wrote about a male President let write about a female. POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!

    -Iris Shifter

    -Clara Tei

    Please add suggestions in the comments and I will post them. Then I will post my top five in a poll.

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  • MallietDistrict2

    Hi Its Malliet Westmore!.....ummmmmm my creator MalliD2 gave me this and I have to fill it out with what I think of each tribute so here goes.

    Female - Kezaiah Bianca: Oh, God.....She's a bitch...killed Aven....nuff' said

    Male - Darren Castly: Just your typical career...........all brawn and absolutly no brains. Darren always showed off in training he's just a buff bigheaded loser.

    Female - Lucy Evans: She made it far..and I respect her for that but she is still a I hate her

    Male - Luke Ster: HA!! A career that died in the bloodbath! Thats just sad.....

    Female - Ivana Sickle: She was a bit of a weakling..but a decent person.

    Male - Calculum Infinity: He was brave....but not very nice.

    Female - Quinn Sparkles: SHE TREID TO KILL ME AND…

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    We need an anthem........

    If this were to be a national anthem of Panem Why not just say its the HG one???

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