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    September 2, 2012 by GlimmerandSparkle

    Guys, since Rainbow Shifter hasn't been updating the Pain Games wiki, the activeness on here just dissapeared. It's sad, because this is one of my favorite wikis, and in just a few days its turned into a ghost town. :(

    So, I think we need to figure out how to change that! Some way to increase the activeness on the wiki.... and I have no idea how we can do that.

    So, this blog is all about brainstorming! We don't have to use just one idea, if you get a good idea, go for it!

    These are the ideas that people have posted in the comments. I'll post one of my lame, random ones just to get you guys thinking.

    • Have lots of contests, comparing different qualities of the tributes. EX: Have a competition where people can sign their tributes up to see which o…

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    Hey guys! I got this idea a bit ago, so let's try it out! :D

    Ok, so this is basically a competition of all of the stylists of the pain games. I will make up scenerios for the stylists to design someting for and then judge who designed the best/worst costume/outfit. The best designer will get immunity in the next round, and the worst designer gets voted off. Like a realify show! =D


    Which Pain Games they participated in:

    (Yes, the stylists have to have actually been in a Pain Games)

    Name Pain Games User
    Patch Tremor 3rd Pain Games Mysims
    Al Shifter 2nd Pain Games Italicos
    Rose Juna Ice 2nd Pain Games Polinarose

    And just in case any one was wondering, no I am not going to enter Ivette into this. I badly want to, but I know that I would get reall…

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    The top 10 most Crazy Killers are based on:

    90% The number of kills they have.

    5% Training score.

    2% Career or Not

    2% How famous/infamous they are

    1% Their final Placing.

    And the list begins!

    (PS, the list will only include tributes from the 1st and 2nd Pain Games, as the 3rd has barely started)

    Excel was number 10 on the list because he has one and a half kills (one of which he shares with Carrietum Downstreet.) He only made the list (Kicking Ford Dryden off of it completely) because of the fact that he is a Career, he won the 2nd Pain Games and he is so infamous.


    Molli is #9 because she only got a 6 in training, was not a Career, but she did have 2 kills, placed 6th, and is well known.

    Louise is No. 8 on our list because he had 2 kills, got a…

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    Glimmer: Hello people! This is GlimmerandSparkle, the creator of Aven Rosedain from the 1st Pain Games! Today I'm going to ask her what the thinks of the other tributes from the Pain Games. (This idea was made by MovieReviews98, and I give all credit to him ;)

    Aven: Hey ya'll!

    Glimmer: Alright let's start! We'll do it in the oder of their deaths. What do you think of Alyssa James?

    Aven: Really pretty. It was a shame she died first, she seemed really cool!

    Glimmer: Off to a good start I see! What about Ivana Sickle?

    Aven: Again, she was beauiful. She seemed a lot more atletic then most tribute from 4 usually are, so I think everybody was surprised. She did die second though.

    Glimmer: Thats true. Next up is Luke Ster?

    Aven: He was really intimidati…

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    Ok, so if you didn't know this, we are forming a big alliance known as The Big Alliance (aka TBA) for the 3rd Pain Games and this is all of the info for it. We will be deciding some stuff, and just making it clear to everyone what is going on. I'm so excited!!! (I sound like a Capitol person.... LOL)

    Ok, first thing's first, we need to know who's in the alliance. Here's the people that are currently in the Alliance! To join the alliance, just put who your tribute is in the comments and the current members will decide weather or not you can be in.

    • Troy Ventura ~ 2
    • Saffron Ventura ~ 2
    • Marek Ghoulden ~ 5
    • Petra Liit ~ 5
    • Simion Liit ~ 5
    • Maple Tree ~ 7
    • Talon Rosedain ~ 10
    • Mariette Staford ~ 10
    • Richter Moses ~ 10
    • Filivena Staford ~ 10
    • Lucas Bolt ~ 12
    • Candice …

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