The Maze was in the 2nd Pain Games, next to The Volcano and surrounded by ponds and trees.

In the Pain GamesEdit

On the first day, only Roxy Flant hid in The Maze because she knew that no one else would hide there.

No one else entered on the second day.

Roxy movied further into the Maze on the third day, accepting she was probably not going to ever find her way out. Bianca, Son and Michael all went into the maze on the 3rd day also. Michael went in alone and Bianca and Son went in as a group.

No one else entered on the forth day, but Son and Bianca found and killed Roxy and Micheal found his way out of the maze.

On day 5 the volcano erupted, smothering the Maze and killing everyone inside.

The maze was not featured in day six as no one still alive was in in and it was under a sea of lava.

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