Shelly Song
Age 40
Occupation Stylist
Home The Capitol
Gender Female
Height 5,4
Fate Alive
Appearances 1st Pain Games
2nd Pain Games
3rd Pain Games
Shelly Song, also known as Fire Slivra and Canie Cane, is a stylist for the Pain Games.


Shelly lived with insane parents that swiched their names once a year and she grew up that way, but she has a pattern, Shelly, then Canie and last, Fire.

Chariot Costumes Edit

1st Pain GamesEdit

To Be Added

2nd Pain GamesEdit

3rd Pain GamesEdit

Relationship With Tributes Edit

  • Dalia Sunline - She thought of Dalia as a nice girl, and stayed mostly with her.
  • Jason - She thought of Jason as snarky, sadistic and mean, so she kept her distance.
  • Excel Rose - She loved him very much, and was super-happy he won.
  • Matthew Alexander - She was reminded of Nicky, her dead son when she looked at him so she sort of avoided him.
  • Danica Ponce - Shelly thought she was an all-around good girl, so she spent all her time with Danica.
  • Callam Rhodes - Shelly thought Callam was a troublemaker and hated him.
  • Willow - She never got to meet Willow, so she barely knows her.

Audience Approval Edit

1st Pain GamesEdit

&nbsp 6/12

2nd Pain GamesEdit


3rd Pain GamesEdit


Trivia Edit

  • She is a 40 year-old woman that looks like a teenager
  • Her husband hates her name-changing
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