Saph Dimonte
Age 20
Occupation Mentor
Home District 7
Gender Female
Weapon Axe and Mace
Fate Alive
Appearances 3rd Pain Games
Saph was the mentor of District 7 in the 3rd Pain Games


Saph was terrified in her games, was reaped when she was 13 along with another 13 year old. She became the most famous tribute along with her district partner that year as they both gained a 11 and placed 1st in the chariots. She did amazingly in the interviews, and was by a mile her best section.

Games WonEdit

She joined the careers with her partner. The arena was a simple mountain, with forests and waterfalls. They slaughtered the careers in the sleep early in the games and continued up the mountain. It ended up in the final 2 with them and the boy chucked himself of a waterfall to allow Saph to win. She was horrified and did not stop crying until she reached district 7.


Hide, Hide, Hide, Hide. Dont look for trouble. Get an alliance bigger than the careers and win. Or join the careers and lead one or two tributes to help her kill the rest or escape. She really doesnt have a single strategy and believes everyone has different ways of doing things, she watched loads of games to find different strategies. She believes that no one is useless and everyone can win. As long as they get the best strategy to them.

Relationships With TributeEdit

Atlas Dunnin - She hated him, she was reppled by him and hated talking to him.

Demi Trusker - She liked Demi, finding she was easy to talk to.

Pamline Falcone - She really liked Pamline finding him personal and admired him.

Maple Tree - She dispised Maple, her least favourite by far. She didn't even help her and hoped she would die because she found her cocky and arrogant.

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