Ryan Richard
Age 46
Occupation Victor, Mentor
Home District 7
Gender Male
Weapon Axe, knives
Fate Alive
Mentioned 1st Pain Games
Ryan Richard was the mentor for District 7 in the1st Pain Games.


He was a normal kid from 7 until he was reaped

Games WonEdit

He won the 87th Hunger Games. The arena was a stormy rainforest, and he survived by camping in a protected place between 2 fallen trees, fending off jaguires, snakes and tributes with a long knife he salvaged from the bloodbath.


Get a weapon and a shelter and stay there, defending yourself.

Relationship with TributesEdit

Ender Jackson- He thought he was a good, responsible kid, and expected him to make it far.

Lila Woods- He thought she was very pretty and hoped she would make it far, but wasn't sure.

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