Roxanne is the District 12 mentor in the 3rd Pain Games.

Roxanne Shirley
Age 25
Occupation Mentor
Home District 12
Gender Female
Height 5,9
Weapon Dagger
Fate Alive
Appearances 3rd pain games

History Edit

Roxanne was reaped in a quell, where there were two victors.

Games won Edit

She won the games 21 years ago. Her training score was a 12 and her chariots placed second. Her interview was short because they were running out of time.

Strategy Edit

Her strategy is to join the largest alliance and attack from within.

Relationship with Tributes Edit

Harry Macharly- She didn't really like him, and thought his odds of suirviving were very low.

Mackenzie Sheddar- She liked her, but she creeped Roxanne out.

Candice Bolt- She liked her very much, and enjoyed spending time with her.

Lucas Bolt- She hated him. And was glad he died.

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