Liir Fluor
Age 43
Occupation Mentor
Home District 4
Gender Male
Weapon Trident, Knife
Fate Alive
Appearances 3rd Pain Games
Liir was the mentor for District 4 in The 3rd Pain Games


Liir was a typical Career, training all of his life up untill his 18th birthday untill he voulenteered abd won his games. He is openly gay and has 4 sons. He had all of his kids before he turned gay.

Games WonEdit

Liir on a previous games by going against the careers. He believed they would lead him to his death. He and the 5 female hid away and were only forced out in the final 5. The 5 female was killed by the remaining careers, 4 female and 1 female but then Liir killed them both. He then lead the final tribute into a trap and caused hin to be eaten by a fish mutt.


He believes the careers are not the answer and believes leave them as soon as possible. He thinks they are a death trap. He believes to hide with a weapon and defend your self rather than attack. Keep a high stock of food and keep healthy. Dont eat till you are starving and then rassion your food.

Relationships With TributesEdit

Ciaria Ella- He did not like her, thought she lacked the nessicary skill to win.

Fleur Splith- He also was not a fan of her, thining she was concieted and rude.

Oath- He liked Oath as he thought he had a very bid chance.

Jordan Trident - He was almost in love with Jordan, and was besoted by

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