Juan Igland
Age 43
Occupation Stylist
Home The Capitol
Gender Male
Fate Deceased
Appearances 3rd Pain Games
Juan Igland was a stylist for the 3rd Pain Games.


Juan was pretty much a drunk all of his life. He started drinking as a kid and never stopped, but somehow he became a stylist.

Chariot CostumesEdit

Juan did not submit a costume and so District 5 ended up being saved by the 1st Pain Games victor, Malliet Westmore, when she stepped in and designed a costume for them at the last minute.

Relationships with TributesEdit

He didn't care for any of the Tributes, and the Escort and Mentor for District 5 wondered if he didn't design any costumes for them on pourpose because of his hatred.

Audience ApprovalEdit

He didn't get any, since someone else designed the costumes. The capitol got mad at him for not designing anything, and in consequence, he was excecueted.

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