John Dave
John Dave
Age 17
Occupation Tribute
Home District 8
Gender Male
Weapon Sword, Axe, Poisons
Fate Deceased
Appearances 3rd Pain Games

John Dave was one of the male tributes from District 8 in the 3rd Pain Games.


He has short and wavy black hair with dark brown eyes. He is pretty tall at 6'2 and is rather muscley though he has never trained.


He was pretty shocked that he was reaped and didnt know what to think. In the end he decided to try his best, as he knew if he tried he could win, or atleast make his family proud of him.


District 8 females are just behind and Luna Snare and Irene Joy are looking wonderful tonight! They are wearing multi-coloured dresses that have a patchwork pattern woven into them. And now- Oh! The dresses have exploded and the crowd is being showered in lovingly made material from the costumes. Luna and Irene are left standing there, hand in hand, wearing a casual fluffy coat and jeans. Just behind them are John Dave and Sebastian Klein who are wearing suits that are fashioned in the same design as the females' dresses. And again the suits explode and the males are there, hand in hand, wearing zebra print trousers and beautifully made coats. We are nearing the end of the Chariot Rides and the final three Districts are coming up! -Ceaser Flickerman, 3rd Pain Games

They did very well and were liked a lot, they managed to get 4th.


In training he showed his skills with an axe and swords, then corroded the dummies to pieces with a specially concocted acid. He managed to get an 8 as he spilt some acid on his knee.

Pain GamesEdit

John's eyes were on Cirena Staford the entire time he was standing on the pedestal. He would save her. He knew that. When the cannon booms the start of the games, he dodges the people in hopes of catching Cirena. Cirena takes her knife and tries to throw it at Excel Rose's neck, but instead reaches his shoulder. This gives John a distraction and time to kill Oath, who he thought was planning to kill Cirena, as he was right behind her. He, then, grabbed Cirena's hand and ran off to the meadow.

During the time in the meadow, he was on the lookout. During that time, he heard the wind howling in the distance. He popped his head out and said to Cirena, "Run." Before they could run, Mari Wesspark stops them, and tries to stab Cirena, who then blocks it with her knives. Mari then throws a knife into John, making him cry out in pain.

Cirena spent her time dragging John into a cave. John was dying in pain. Cirena, suddenly, ran off with his weapons. John spent the remainder of his life staring at Cirena, loving how her hair moved in the wind.


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