Idrial Waterwave
Age 29
Occupation Victor, Mentor
Home District 7
Gender Female
Weapon Knives, Bow and Arrow
Fate Alive
Mentioned 2nd Pain Games
Idrial Waterwave was the Mentor for District 7 in the 2nd Pain Games.


She fell off of a tree when she was 12 and broke her arm, causin some permanant damages. She wasn't allowed out of the house a month after the incident, and in that time she studied the games that were playing, ignoting the gore to the best of her abilities and the next year she voulenteered for a 12 year old that was reaped.

Games WonEdit

She used the strategys she had developed in her month of crippled-ness to help win the 93rd Games.


Avoid Confrontation, but follow big alliances, staying unnoticed, using their resources and maybe picking off a member every once in a while.

Relationship with TributesEdit

Roxy Flant- She liked her and saw herself mirrored in Roxy, and so she was sad when she died.

Jave Salazar- She never really interacted with him and he never interacted with her, suiting both of them just fine.

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