Darren Castly
Age 18
Occupation Career Tribute
Home District 1
Gender Male
Fate Deceased
Appearances 1st Pain Games

Darren Castly was the male tribute from District 1 in the 1st Pain Games. He was a career and trained for the games for many years.


Darren Castly was like the Cato of the 1st Pain Games except that he brown hair and light hazel eyes.


Darren voulenteered for District 1 and wasn't nervous in the slightest when he went into the games.


Here come the tributes. From District 1 its Darren Castly and Kezaiah Bianca and from their beautiful costumes it is clear that their stylist has worked very hard but the normal diamond theme is getting boring. -Ceaser Flickerman, 1st Pain Games They came 7th overall.


In training Darren got a 10 but he wasn't very happy with it because he was jealous of Benjamin Woodrew who got an 11, and wasn't even a career.


During the interviews, Darren remained very calm and composed, using some of the tactics of his mentor mixed in with some of his own.

Darren Castly: Hi there! Its an honor to be here representing my district.

Ceaser: I bet it is, you've been training for this all your life right?

Darren: I'm 18 now and I'm a pretty strong contender so yes.

Ceaser: Well you certainly look it! So tell me, what is your favorite or best type of weapon?

Darren: Well that would be telling now.

(laughing from crowd)

Ceaser: Yes it would! Unfortunatly thats all I have time for, thank you and good luck

Pain GamesEdit

Darren participated in the bloodbath like the other Careers. He made Jason join the careers by pouncing on his back and then forcing him to kill his district partner, Dalia Sunline.

Darren has his first kill, Ender Jackson, and Jeramy Al helped him to do it. In the bloodbath Darren only made one kill, but he made a couple more as the games went on.

On Day 1, Darren was on guard all night and he kept an eye on Jason because he thought he might betray them. On Day 2, Ford Dryden and Aven Rosedain come across the Careers. Jason decides to turn against the Careers now and Benjamin comes to help them. In the fight Darren was battling with Benjamin and also had the help of Lucy Evans. Kezaiah was killed in the fight and Darren blamed Jeramy for his district partner's death.

Darren's third and last kill was on Day 5 when the wetlands flooded. He threw an axe right into the back of his archenemy, Benjamin. But his death was quickly avenged by Ford who threw his knife into Darren's heart.

Darren Castly was placed 9th.


Back in District 1, Darren's family wasn't very happy with Darren because he didn't make it into the final 8.

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