A Cornucopia bloodbath is a battle for supplies at the cornucopia, as most of the tributes compete for valuable weapons, food, water and packs full of other valuable supplies spread in and around the Cornucopia.

Tributes always die at the bloodbath, averaging eight to twelve each year--a third to half of the total tributes. Some common weapons in the Cornucopia are knives, spears, and swords. The supplies may be weapons, medical supplies, or food or water. The items closer to the Cornucopia were more valuable items, while the ones farthest away were less valuable. The Capitol probably set it up this way for optimal entertainment value and quick deaths at the beginning of the game to keep audiences interested. In the end, the Cornucopia is often taken over by a group of tributes who fought in the bloodbath, usually the Career Tributes. The Cornucopia is usually located in the center of the arena and is where the Career Tributes normally set up camp during the games.


  • District 12 has lost the most tributes in the bloodbath, losing all but Candice Bolt and Mackenzie Sheddar, meaning up until the 3rd Pain Games no District 12 citezens had survived the Bloodbath.
  • District 5 and District 1 have lost the least tributes at only 1 each, Willow and Marek Ghoulden, meaning up until the 3rd Pain Games all of the tributes from 5 and 1 had survived the bloodbath.