Callie Casey
Age 15
Occupation Tribute
Home District 3
Gender Female
Height 5'7"
Weapon Electrical items, spears, knives
Fate Alive
Appearances 3rd Pain Games

Callie Casey is one of the female tributes from District 3 in the 3rd Pain Games.


She has blonde hair that is up to her shoulders and brown eyes. Callie has pale skin and bright pink lips. Callie is fairly pretty and doesn't look like most of the other residents of District 3.


When she was reaped she burst into tears, pleading for them to stop this. They had to drag her onto the stage.


Trying to top those chariots is District 3! The first District 3 chariot are the female's and that is carrying Carmen Databyte and Callie Casey who are both wearing dresses made from wires and they come right down to their knees. Suddenly the wires glow up and cheers come up from the Capitol crowd. The males are wearing a suit that is also made from wires and lights up. But its the chariots that are really amazing! They are made from huge television screens that start showing the reapings of the District 3 tributes. -Ceaser Flickerman, 3rd Pain Games

They did okay and got 5th place.


Callie scored a 7 during training.

Pain GamesEdit



  • Callie has 2 brothers, one younger, named Nath and one older names Garey
  • She has a dog at home names Mae, which is named after her middle name, Callie Mae Casey
  • Callie is naturally talented with weapons, which she started to have an intrest in when she was only 10.
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