• Rainbow Shifter

    Well, an admin has changed the background again... Could another admin please put it back to the original one please as I'm kinda busy sorting out some other mess on Pokemon Wiki.

    Please whoever is doing it stop... Well once I find out you won't be able to do it again

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  • Rainbow Shifter


    October 24, 2012 by Rainbow Shifter

    Who changed the background? It just looks ugly now, whoever did please change it back as I don't have the image that it was beforehand.

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  • MallietDistrict2

    Gone? Maybe.

    October 20, 2012 by MallietDistrict2

    Hello All! Its Malli. But you probably knew that because its under the title of this blog.

    Anyway. ALLONS-Y!

    I've been away...but I supose that thats been noticed? Maybe?

    Have you ever been attached to a certain fandom **cough cough** Pain Games **cough cough** and then been sucked straight into another? No? Okay. Well I've just gotten really involved in the Doctor Who fandom and have been away for a while on the Doctor Who wiki and at various convention etc. and have been not giving much attention to the Pain Games...sorry. I kinda thought that it had been overrun by newbies and such. The wiki hasnt been edited in a couple days and The 3rd Pain Games haven't been finished yet! (not that its your own fault Raineh) but I'd just like to inform …

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  • Oogaman

    Tribute Siblings

    October 17, 2012 by Oogaman

    Hey, I just want to say that alot of the tributes in recent games have all been siblings of past tributes. I realize that people try to avenge their past tribute's death or continue their legacy by adding them to the Pain Games, but TOO MANY people have been doing this and honestly it's annoying.

    I can understand if just a few people make siblings of past tributes every once in a while, but when EVERYONE does it, It's really overused and very unrealistic. Sorry if I offend anyone that has done this, but this is my honest opinion.

    I get very critical when it comes to any kind of storyline, which was why I tried to fix the 3rd Pain Games' problem when EVERY tribute had a sibling with them, making it say that the Capitol made it mandatory for siblin…

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  • The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo

    This is really to help Rainbow Shifter, and to allow people who are devoted to the wiki to get spots in the 4th PG. There are some requirements and rules but Ill just copy them from my talk page (They are on my HG wiki talk page)


    • Must be a Pain Games Vet (devoted)
    • Must have at least 100 main space edits (unless you are MySims) (And if you are a mod or admin) (So basically I am the only user who has to have 100 mainspace to actually get here)
    • You must have submitted at least two characters already in the Pain Games.


    • You can only submitt two tributes early. If you want to do anymore then you have to wait until the signups on HG Wiki.

    Spot Tribute Name Age User
    D1 M Bruce Foster 15 Mysims
    D1 F Sparkle Zidaze 16 Glimmerandsparkle

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  • Polinarose

    My guidelines

    September 18, 2012 by Polinarose

    Well, most of you have been on chat with me, and I rarely ban or kick. I am quite calm and controlled and nice, so unless you really tick me off, I won't do anything.

    I hate racism, perviness or anything else like that, so I might get mad. Please don't do that.

    I dont like spammers or random people that come on, so don't do that when I'm on. Also, if you come o the PGRP chat, I'll be mad.

    Some of you might argue, but pls. Don't edit without the users premition.(Other then grammar mistakes)

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  • GlimmerandSparkle

    Dead Wiki

    September 2, 2012 by GlimmerandSparkle

    Guys, since Rainbow Shifter hasn't been updating the Pain Games wiki, the activeness on here just dissapeared. It's sad, because this is one of my favorite wikis, and in just a few days its turned into a ghost town. :(

    So, I think we need to figure out how to change that! Some way to increase the activeness on the wiki.... and I have no idea how we can do that.

    So, this blog is all about brainstorming! We don't have to use just one idea, if you get a good idea, go for it!

    These are the ideas that people have posted in the comments. I'll post one of my lame, random ones just to get you guys thinking.

    • Have lots of contests, comparing different qualities of the tributes. EX: Have a competition where people can sign their tributes up to see which o…

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  • DrewlovesKuinn

    Hey Painatics! This is part two of my time waster while Rainie attempts to keep us occupied by updating once a week (UPDATE ALREADY RAINIE!). Anyhoo, this is part two of my games, where I will post the games and the rest of the stuff, because the stylist stuff failed, meaning this will have training scores, interviews and then the games, by removing the chariots this should speed this up.

    Kezaiah Bianca -

    Callam Rhodes -

    Nayl Kertzmin -

    Saffron Ventura -

    Calculum Infinity -

    Alyssa James -

    Jeramy Al -

    Quinn Sparkles -

    Simion Liit -

    Mollianne Westmore -

    Benjamin Woodrew -

    Makhala Shelby -

    Pamline Falcone -

    Maple Tree -

    Marley Sereno -

    Cirena Statford -

    Jason -

    Allianna Whittle -

    Talon Rosedain -

    Aven Rosedain -

    Ford Dryden -

    Lauren Hill -

    Channing Friendlie -


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  • DrewlovesKuinn


    August 18, 2012 by DrewlovesKuinn

    Prose isn't gonna have bad internet for a while, so we can chat by editing this wee blog here. Ya.

    Prose: Hi! Wanna play 4stone?

    | |
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  • MallietDistrict2

    Mrs. President??

    August 11, 2012 by MallietDistrict2

    This is not a complex blog. Don't make it one. :p

    Female! Duh......I mean if Suzanne wrote about a male President let write about a female. POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!

    -Iris Shifter

    -Clara Tei

    Please add suggestions in the comments and I will post them. Then I will post my top five in a poll.

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  • Polinarose

    This is a guide on making an interesting, yet not talented character.

    Firstly, don't make them as wacky as a Capitol citizen, yet don't make them too plain. Don't have them be 100% pretty or 100% ugly... You also should avoid making them look exactly like another tribute even in the past games or these games.

    You should make them intresting but not overintresting, a balance of normal and unusual. The character should be defined.

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  • FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne

    I was really bored and decided to count the number of tributes that died in each of the bloodbaths. Some may call me sad and crazy, but I call it devoted. So here we go. BTW I will update this as the pain games go bye.

    This is where I shall do the working, the 3rd Pain Games section only includes the normal tributes, not the deceased ones brought back to life.

    1- Kezaiah and Darren survived. Cariettum and Excel survived. Willow died. Danica, Matthew and Callam survived.

    1/8 Died.

    2- Lucy survived. Luke died. Nayl and Marla survived. Draco died. Thalia, Saffron and Troy (Sadly) survived.

    2/8 Died

    3- Calculum survived. Ivana died. Tiffany and Ricky died. Jak and Camen died. Corey and Callie survived.

    5/8 Died

    4- Jeremy and Quinn survived. Rose and S…

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  • MovieReviews98

    So, you want to improve your role playing skills on this site? Well, you've come to the right place. Here, I shall give you several tips on how to improve your role playing abilities. I'll have several categories down below, so if you need help with a specific one, click on that one first. Also, if you have any questions, I'll be glad to answer. Let's Begin!:

    Here are stuff you NEED to know before you even think about role playing.

    In order to role play, we need a lot of work on the site. So, please help out the website, edit pages to make them more detailed, fix grammar, etc.

    We don't mind internet slang or a few spelling mistakes for complicated words, but if you're not good at spelling entirely, we'd recommend spell check. Plus, if you tel…

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  • Justafox

    My tributes

    August 8, 2012 by Justafox

    'Name: Evan Dall

    District: 10

    Gender: Male

    Age: 16

    Skills: Spear, Knife throwing, Speed.

    Strategy: Take the careers, one for one down.

    Providing of food: Hunt the animals.

    'Name: Regina Rahilly

    District: 5

    Gender: Female

    Age: 15

    Skills: Mind, Hiding, Stealth.

    Strategy: Hide, and finish everyone off with clever traps.

    Providing of food: Steal food of the others.

    'Name: Daniel Gray

    District: 5

    Gender: Male

    Age: 16

    Skills: Archery, Traps, Edible plants.

    Strategy: Sleep in trees, and kill the other tributes with his bow or traps.

    Providing of food: Plants.

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  • Justafox


    August 8, 2012 by Justafox

    I noticed I'm not an admin anymore, just a mod. Can anyone help me with this?

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  • SebastianKlein

    The story's over

    August 4, 2012 by SebastianKlein

    This is my story, before I got reaped.

    The sun shines through the stone windows.

    Ugh, another day of hell..

    I put my kaki trousers on, and a white t-shirt. Then I rush to the mirror, and do my hair. Yeah, everybody needs to see me when I look good.

    My mom is talking to Luna in the livingrooms, and I hear her calling Luna names.

    "You fuilthy whore," she shouts to Luna.

    "Just get drunk again, and leave us fucking alone."

    "Don't talk to your mother like that!"

    She raises her hand, and slaps Luna.

    I run over to the fight, pull Luna up and leave with my cousin to school.

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  • GlimmerandSparkle

    Hey guys! I got this idea a bit ago, so let's try it out! :D

    Ok, so this is basically a competition of all of the stylists of the pain games. I will make up scenerios for the stylists to design someting for and then judge who designed the best/worst costume/outfit. The best designer will get immunity in the next round, and the worst designer gets voted off. Like a realify show! =D


    Which Pain Games they participated in:

    (Yes, the stylists have to have actually been in a Pain Games)

    Name Pain Games User
    Patch Tremor 3rd Pain Games Mysims
    Al Shifter 2nd Pain Games Italicos
    Rose Juna Ice 2nd Pain Games Polinarose

    And just in case any one was wondering, no I am not going to enter Ivette into this. I badly want to, but I know that I would get reall…

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  • Polinarose

    Worth Dying For

    August 3, 2012 by Polinarose

    Worth dying for: A fanfic from Maples POV

    The sun was shining, but I wasn't happy. I was never happy, ever since the accident in which Cherry was killed.  I never loved anyone as much as her. I was always with a large family, but all of them hated me. I lived in a small cottage in the woods, close to my job. I couldn't wait till reaping day... To me, it's just a small horror, even if I'm reaped. Some things in life were worth dying for. I was there when Cherry was killed. I could've saved her... But I couldn't....

    I put on my green dress and shoes, then headed out to the square. I sang The Hanging Tree while walking. I never had, or needed friends. Or family. I was the kid mom never wanted, as me and Beech are twins. I was born 2 minutes aft…

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  • MovieReviews98

    First of all, I did not come up with this idea, several other users did, so if anyone wants to do a similar idea to this, or even the exact same thing, be my guest. It's not my idea, so therefore not my property.

    But anyways, here's how this works. There are multiple events taking place, and your job is to nominate tributes for each event (They don't have to be your tributes). You can nominate a maximum of 2 tributes for every event, and a tribute can be in more than one event. There can be a total of 8 tributes per event. Finally, this is NOT canon at all, so if your character is nominated and doesn't do very well, that doesn't affect the overall opinion of the character itself.

    Comment below with your nominations for each event! (Any quest…

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  • DrewlovesKuinn


    Welcome, Welcome to The Ultimate Pain Games by mysims. These games are pretty much the pain games, except we will vote on tributes from past games to be resurected. So yeah. We are gonna vote on that, then I write the games!

    This is entirely FANON, nothing that happens in these games are CANON to the Pain Games series, so just to clear that up!

    Yeah, just do a vote!

    Sims: Hello and welcome to this years Ultimate Pain Games, hosted by me, Sims!

    Movies: And me, Movies.

    Sims: This year's pain games has a speical twist... Movies, care to do the honours?

    Movies: Of course Sims. Instead of new tributes being reaped. All the tributes of past pain games, dead or alive, have been given he chance to be put back in the games and …

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  • GlimmerandSparkle

    The top 10 most Crazy Killers are based on:

    90% The number of kills they have.

    5% Training score.

    2% Career or Not

    2% How famous/infamous they are

    1% Their final Placing.

    And the list begins!

    (PS, the list will only include tributes from the 1st and 2nd Pain Games, as the 3rd has barely started)

    Excel was number 10 on the list because he has one and a half kills (one of which he shares with Carrietum Downstreet.) He only made the list (Kicking Ford Dryden off of it completely) because of the fact that he is a Career, he won the 2nd Pain Games and he is so infamous.


    Molli is #9 because she only got a 6 in training, was not a Career, but she did have 2 kills, placed 6th, and is well known.

    Louise is No. 8 on our list because he had 2 kills, got a…

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  • Polinarose

    Death ratings

    July 29, 2012 by Polinarose

    Voting will start tommorow at 4:00 central. (US). Nominate till that time.

    1)Pamline Falcone

    2)Jonathan Ford

    3)Kezaiah Bianca

    1)Danica Rosedain

    2)Ford Dryden

    3)Lily Williams

    1)Marley Sereno

    2)Ford Dryden

    3) Coming soon

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  • VarinEgo

    Caesar: And now for the second district 6 male, Varin Ego!

    Varin: Hey-a Caesar! It's great to be here.

    Caesar: So tell me about your training score, you got a disappointing six. How do you feel about that?

    Varin: Well, I know I'm no Troy Ventura, but I can still throw and catch knives.

    Caesar: Wait. Let's backtrack a little. You said catching knives?

    Varin: Yeah. Ever since I was really young, I've been really coordinated. But, I guess that's not what the Gamemakers think.

    Caesar: One last question; what's life back home?

    Varin: Don't get me started. When I was really young, my older brother Garrett was killed in a train accident. My mother committed suicide by walking in front of the same train shortly after. Everything was fine after that, but …

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  • MovieReviews98

    Here is where I list the most successful, talented, and popular tributes from the Pain Games from best to worst. This list is updated weekly, and if your tribute is low, even though he does well a few days later, he/she will be higher on the list the next week. So, let's begin:

    1. Excel Rose - District 1 - 2nd Pain Games, 3rd Pain Games. (-)

    2. Danica Rosedain - District 10 - 2nd Pain Games (-)

    3. Malliet Westmore - District 5 - 1st Pain Games. (-)

    4. Ford Dryden - District 11 - 1st Pain Games, 3rd Pain Games. (-)

    5. Cirena Staford - District 8 - 1st Pain Games, 3rd Pain Games. (-)

    6. Cariettum Downstreet - District 1 - 2nd Pain Games. (-)

    7. Nick Turner - District 11 - 2nd Pain Games. (-)

    8. Lucy Evans - District 2 - 1st Pain Games. (-)

    9. Mollian…

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  • DrewlovesKuinn

    Yeah, Movies cancelled his, so I am taking over it, bare with me if I get something wrong, I was only in the third, remember. I'll try and do these in the proper order, but if I muck it up, tell me.

    Three tributes were blown up by Luke de Winter during the bloodbath of the 2nd Pain Games, the tributes in question were just unlucky enough to have been the three selected. But things brings up a question, should Luke have been allowed to throw his token? Should there even be a token to throw? What if he had chosen other tributes? What do you think?

    Luke Ster was a career from District 2. So why did he come so close to the end? Surely a career with as much training as he did would have surivived the bloodbath. Or even got a kill. So why did he d…

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  • MovieReviews98

    I apoligize for the inconveniance, but the list of Top 10 Most Controversial Pain Games Moments, said to come out following the release of the 3rd Pain Games, has been cancelled.

    HOWEVER, if a user feels he or she would enjoy making the list, that is completely fine with me.

    Also, please don't ask WHY the list is cancelled... It's complicated.

    P.S. Did you slap a squirrel today? Make sure you do, just in case the Coaster Toaster sees the lack of slapped squirrels.

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  • MallietDistrict2

    Hi Its Malliet Westmore!.....ummmmmm my creator MalliD2 gave me this and I have to fill it out with what I think of each tribute so here goes.

    Female - Kezaiah Bianca: Oh, God.....She's a bitch...killed Aven....nuff' said

    Male - Darren Castly: Just your typical career...........all brawn and absolutly no brains. Darren always showed off in training he's just a buff bigheaded loser.

    Female - Lucy Evans: She made it far..and I respect her for that but she is still a I hate her

    Male - Luke Ster: HA!! A career that died in the bloodbath! Thats just sad.....

    Female - Ivana Sickle: She was a bit of a weakling..but a decent person.

    Male - Calculum Infinity: He was brave....but not very nice.

    Female - Quinn Sparkles: SHE TREID TO KILL ME AND…

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  • DrewlovesKuinn

    Sims: Hello and welcome to Panem TV where today, we have TWO very special guests from the Third Pain Games, give it up for Saffron and Troy Ventura! This is another of the specials created by our very own Moviesreviews on this wiki, the credit for the idea goes entirely to him!

    Saffron: Hey guys! How are you all?

    Troy: Calm down Saff, they are supposed to ask the questions!

    Sims: Yes we are guys! So lets get comfy *sits down* and begin with the questions!

    Saffron: Sure!

    Sims: Okay, so first of all, I will read a name, and you tell me what you think of them, okay?

    Troy: Sure!

    Sims: Okay then, *picks up card* lets start with the 10 female: Mariette Statford!

    Troy: Well, I'll start then. Mari is lovely and friendly, she is really nice to me and Saffy.…

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  • Rainfacestar

    Mom not happy...

    July 24, 2012 by Rainfacestar

    Okay, I go to ask her for some late night popcorn and she goes "Whatever, but your laptop comes out of your room tomorrow." So... yeah. Sorry guys... I'll try to get on early morning to see the bloodbath. Later... again, sorry....

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  • Polinarose


    -Boo! I'm the ghost under your bed!

    Prose:Welcome to the annual tribute rating. Tonight, we have...

    Maple:Maple Tree.

    Prose:What a lovely name! First up, we have the amazing district one with their luxurious items. Let's talk about...Matthew Alexander.

    Maple: Avrage careers. No brains, too much muscle.

    Prose: How about... Danica Ponce?

    Maple: That f***** girl has the name of one of my friends. I hate her face.

    Prose: Ouch. Sorry Danica Ponce. Now, Callam Rhodes.

    Maple: Same as Matthew. No brains, too much brawn.

    Prose: Umm... Now we have Willow...

    Maple: No last name. She aggravates me too.

    Prose: *whispers* Let's hope district 2 will be better. *fake coughts* How …

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  • GlimmerandSparkle

    Glimmer: Hello people! This is GlimmerandSparkle, the creator of Aven Rosedain from the 1st Pain Games! Today I'm going to ask her what the thinks of the other tributes from the Pain Games. (This idea was made by MovieReviews98, and I give all credit to him ;)

    Aven: Hey ya'll!

    Glimmer: Alright let's start! We'll do it in the oder of their deaths. What do you think of Alyssa James?

    Aven: Really pretty. It was a shame she died first, she seemed really cool!

    Glimmer: Off to a good start I see! What about Ivana Sickle?

    Aven: Again, she was beauiful. She seemed a lot more atletic then most tribute from 4 usually are, so I think everybody was surprised. She did die second though.

    Glimmer: Thats true. Next up is Luke Ster?

    Aven: He was really intimidati…

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  • Rainfacestar

    Rainfacestar:Welcome everyone! Here, my character, Cirena, will tell you what she thinks about the tributes in the First Pain Games. She will tell you from what she learned in training, and some secrets you might find interesting. Please welcome Cirena!

    Cirena:Hey... *peeved at president* Can you ask me what I think about the president and all? I would love to talk about him.

    Rainfacestar:Nope, just tributes. So... What do you think about Alyssa James?

    Cirena:Well... Alyssa was a good competitor, she knew fighting. I felt bad that she had to die first.

    Rainfacestar:What about Ivana Sickle?

    Cirena:She wasn't that big of a competition in my book. She didn't stick out as someone you would want to ally with. She didn't train so hard, and I might of…

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  • Rainbow Shifter

    Pain Games News

    July 22, 2012 by Rainbow Shifter

    Hello and welcome to Pain Games News! This is were you will find all the gossip and news on tributes, gamemakers, stylists, mentors and more.

    In an interview with 2nd Pain Games champion, he revealed everything about his District 1 tributes this year and the thoughts on the Careers!

    "They're a joke!" He says, "I mean, what sort of Careers get scores like 6 and 8? And the two best Careers, Troy and Saffron from District 2, are joining some outsider alliance that is some sort of mock up from last years!"

    Excel is obviously furious and some of the Careers are scared they might be killed by their victor's own hand. In and interview with the Head Gamemaker, she revealed that we might be in for a couple of surprises this year because the preporatio…

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  • Maple Tree 7

    Danica's Horse


    Carmen is a 7 year old mare that has a blonde mane and tail and a black body. She is amazing at jumping and loves carrots.

    Show name: A Caramel Pop


    Midnight is a 12 year old mare that has a black body, mane and tail and white socks. She is great at dressage and loves sugar cubes.

    Show name: Almost a queen


    Lucasser is a 2 year old gelding that is sweet, gently but a bit wild. She has a gray body and a white mane and tail. She loves trotting and loves apples.

    Show name: Almost an Aristocrat

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  • Rainfacestar

    Okay, this is about when Cirena finds out about Mari and Talon... sleeping together. What I put on the All Pain Games Chat was just part of it, this is the full conversation.

    After CeCe shouts at Talon that she is coming for him and Mari says Shiz...............

    Mari:*runs after CeCe* Why the heck are you going after my boyfriend?! What the heck is wrong with you?!

    CeCe:You slept with him *voice is a mutter so Mari doesn't catch it*



    Mari:Y-You listened to us. WHY THE HECK DID YOU DO THAT?! *is hurt*

    CeCe:I told you that I don't trust you both! I was walking upstairs to check on you, and then I heard you both in that room.


    CeCe:*ignores Mari* How many times, …

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  • Rainfacestar

    Alright, colors KEEP CHANGING!!!!! Do you know how many we have gone through? *sighs* We need to agree on a color, alright? One color, and that's it, no buts, no what's, one color, understand? Now, decide in the comments, please.

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  • Justafox


    July 17, 2012 by Justafox

    We should make a Pain Games (Wiki) account on twitter! It may get us more users on here, and THG wiki. We should share the account with like 5 users. So, who's with me?

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  • MovieReviews98

    Movies: And welcome back to our post-games interviews. I have no idea how we can talk to the tributes after they die, but who cares, let's give a warm welcome for one of the most controversial tributes of any Pain Games, Nick Turner!

    Nick: Hey.

    Movies: So Nick, I'm gonna tell you the name of a tribute, and you tell me what you think of them. We will start at the first tribute who died. Are you ready?

    Nick: Of course.

    Movies: Well, let's begin with... Missy Frias from District 6!

    Nick: Meh... Not really a tribute I would be friends with. Kind of a snob, really.

    Movies: Umm... Alright. How about Jave Salazar?

    Nick: He seems alright. His family sucks though, they got over his death pretty quickly.

    Movies: Indeed they did. Alright, next is the final v…

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  • Rainbow Shifter

    Well the whole reason that I've not been active for like two weeks is because I've been in hospital and now my Internet doesn't work... So yeah! I hope all you guys are forgiving and stuff but I'll be back a bit more often when I get the Internet back as I'm in a library right now!

    Rainbow Shifter 08:59, July 16, 2012 (UTC)

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  • GlimmerandSparkle

    Ok, so if you didn't know this, we are forming a big alliance known as The Big Alliance (aka TBA) for the 3rd Pain Games and this is all of the info for it. We will be deciding some stuff, and just making it clear to everyone what is going on. I'm so excited!!! (I sound like a Capitol person.... LOL)

    Ok, first thing's first, we need to know who's in the alliance. Here's the people that are currently in the Alliance! To join the alliance, just put who your tribute is in the comments and the current members will decide weather or not you can be in.

    • Troy Ventura ~ 2
    • Saffron Ventura ~ 2
    • Marek Ghoulden ~ 5
    • Petra Liit ~ 5
    • Simion Liit ~ 5
    • Maple Tree ~ 7
    • Talon Rosedain ~ 10
    • Mariette Staford ~ 10
    • Richter Moses ~ 10
    • Filivena Staford ~ 10
    • Lucas Bolt ~ 12
    • Candice …

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  • MallietDistrict2

    We need an anthem........

    If this were to be a national anthem of Panem Why not just say its the HG one???

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  • Polinarose

    To do

    July 5, 2012 by Polinarose

    Trea Loxes, d7 3rd pain games

    Watera Deep, d4 3rdpain games

    Roxanne Shirley,d12 3rd pain games

    Coal Black

    Roxanne Aileen

    Carly June May

    Ella Portette

    Shelly Song

    Maple Tree

    Candice Bolt

    Lucas Bolt

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  • MovieReviews98

    To celebrate the kicking off of the 3rd Pain Games, I compiled a list of the Top 10 Best Tributes who didn't get enough time to show off their skill. This list is judged by:

    Training Scores (80%)

    Alliances (15%) (For Example: Careers)

    Age (3%)

    Likability (1%)

    MovieReviews98's Biases (1%)

    So, if you're friends with me, and your character died early, but didn't made the list, it's not me. It's the training scores.

    But anyways, let's get started.

    Rose only got a 6 in training, but the fact she was a career made it extremely shocking that she died early on. She had finished 19th, and was killed by skilled tribute Danica Rosedain.

    Mariz was very intelligent, and besides her non-violent attitude, she was considered to be one of the better tributes. Howev…

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  • GlimmerandSparkle

    It has come to my attention that we could have subcategories that would help organize the wiki better.

    However, I realized that many of you might not want these. (Thank you Justafox)

    So let's vote. DO you want me to figure out how to organize the wiki better, or do you want it like it is?

    (P.S. There is a little problem that it'm trying to work out with the option of organizing the wiki better. It's explained here, and if anyone figures out how to solve it you will be my HERO!!)

    Ok, so here's the poll.

    Do you want to have Subcategories or not? Yes, I do. No, I don't.

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  • MovieReviews98

    Good evening Capitol. I'm Danny Carroll, and I have breaking news to report. About 2 minutes ago, a member of the Capitol government, Jake Strong, was abducted from his home by multiple masked hoodlums, and was knocked out, put in a garbage bag, and taken to an old high rise, according to multiple witnesses. The group is currently in the building, and according to several sources, there is more than one hostage. The electronic doors in the building are broken, so nobody else can enter, so it will be extremely difficult to enter the building. We go to Tanner Freman for more info:

    Yes Danny, the group has, according to several peace keepers, 23 hostages. The only hostage currently identified is Jake Stro- *Bullet nearly misses passing stranger…

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  • GlimmerandSparkle

    Ok guys, I was on the community wiki the other day and I read that categories should have subcategories. So like for us, the character category should have a tribute category inside of it, and then the individual pages should be in the tribute category. They should not be in both of them, because that's just really confusing and makes no since. So I was trying to delete individual pages from the characters category and then I would add them back into subcategories, but I couldn't figure out how. Did that make any sense at all?

    Here's a better example. If you had a wiki about dogs, then one of the pages might be about Blood Hounds. that page should be in the Category:Hounds. Then that category should be in the Category:Hunters. then the Cate…

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  • Rainbow Shifter


    June 24, 2012 by Rainbow Shifter

    Now what I am going to do, in about a weeks time is this: I am going to inspect every page on this wiki and write a short review of what is good and what needs to be changed. Then this wiki can move forward in development. In preporation for this I have written little NOTE: things in the comments for some pages.

    Most people are going to have a job to do and if you want one of these jobs then just ask in the comments. You can be more than one position

    Codes, Templates and Source Managers: ?

    District Editors: Polinarose, Rainbow Shifter

    1st Pain Games Tribute Editors: Rainbow Shifter, MovieReviews98, MallietDistrict2, Oogaman

    2nd Pain Games Tribute Editors: Rainbow Shifter, Rainfacestar, Oogaman

    3rd Pain Games Tribute Editors: Rainbow Shifter, Pol…

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  • Justafox

    I noticed most of us are only rp'ing but we need to edit and improve the wiki!

    1: We haven't finished all the tributes pages. (For example: Luke de Winter)

    2: The escort, mentor and stylist pages aren't finished or made yet either. (For example: Lisa Ilazia)

    3: We need to finish the District pages (For example: District 8)

    Stop rp'ing and edit!

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  • Rainfacestar

    I have heard words around this wiki about an uprising from MovieReviews98's Youth Uprising blog found here. Of course, this would be interesting, as in the movie, the Uprisings started in District 11 whilst in the book, it technically started with District 8. I would love to think of a behind the scences uprising. Of course we still love our Pain Games, so what I'm saying is that there should be small little sparks in the District but nothing that effects the games.

    Now, you may be asking, why would I think all of this?

    Here is your answer:

    We've already heard all this talking around the wiki, and tensions have been high, the death of a 12-year-old caused District 11 into a huge fight with many fires. Of course, we all know that there have be…

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  • MovieReviews98

    Youth Uprising

    June 19, 2012 by MovieReviews98

    Youth Uprising was a District 11 rebellion group, originally featuring 13 people between the ages of 13 and 19. This group featured several Pain Games tributes before the first reaping, including Ford Dryden and Nick Turner.

    Alex was the leader of the group, and is the brother of the late Ford Dryden. Alex is considered laid back, and the group, while taken seriously, he never made any major outbursts against the capitol, as he cared for the members of his group, and he didn't want anyone to get hurt. He is currently in hiding, only coming out for short stints with the district, as the capitol is currently looking for him, as they have learned of the group from an anonymous source.

    One of the youngest people of the group, Ford was known as t…

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