This is the page where if anyone is gettng banned on the wiki, the admin or mod who decides to ban them post who is banned, why, for how long, when the ban began, and who banned them. Thanks!

Chat Bans

Clarisse Steel- For randomly asking GlimmerandSparkle and MovieReviews98 to ban someone repeatedly, then arguing with them after they asked her politely to stop, saying she was kicked for no reason, then calling them "Racist" and "Liars". She was banned from chat for 2 hours.

Wiki Bans

MR.Clove14 - For personally attacking Mysims, cussing on chat and insulting the wiki. Banned by GlimmerandSparkle for 1 day. Following that, he was caught lying to 3 admins, followed by threatening the wiki. He was banned for 1 month.

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