Alicia Cren
Age 26
Occupation Mentor
Home District 1
Gender Female
Fate Alive
Appearances 1st Pain Games
Alicia is the mentor for District 1 in the 1st Pain Games.


She has had a history of wanting to be a mentor, though this was her first year. She was a very popular victor in 1, and is also a prostitute, working for the president.

Games wonEdit

She won a games through the typical career strategy, in the end she had to fight with the 6 remaining careers, as they were the final 6. She killed the 4 female. While the 4 male took out the 1 male and 2 female before being taken down by Alicia. This left her and the 2 male, they fought with her overthrowing him, and slaying him in the end.


Relationship with TributesEdit

Kezaiah Bianca- She didnt like Kezaiah, thinking she lacked the qualities to be a victor.

Darren Castly- She liked him, thinking he had the right demeaner of a victor.

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